Jinny’s Café opens its door in Borivali showing us that opportunities do exist in this pandemic

By Karthik Nair

Cafés and restaurants are one of the most COVID-19 affected businesses. Places where we once used to sit for hours with family or friends- playing games, conversing, recommending our favourites to each other, have become places where we grab a quick snack and leave. It would be rather curious then that Jinny’s Café in Borivali did not allow the pandemic to stop them from starting their business and attempting to turn their humble beginnings to an absolute success.

Jinny’s Café has both outdoor and indoor seating

Located in the famous (now notorious) corner opposite Mary Immaculate School in I.C. Colony which is home to Fizzy- the famous snack and soda joint- the café is small yet provides a vibrant ambience. While so many cafes and restaurants have already disappeared in the area, Jinny’s Café started off on November 14th 2020. The café has an outdoor space where one can relax and enjoy the rather quiet locale which is a boon to most Mumbaikars. It also has an indoor seating area which is air-conditioned as you would be absolutely mental to sit out in the afternoons in this city!

Indoor seating at Jinny’s Café

The owner Ms Soniya R. is not new to the business. That is possibly why she has a clear vision for the café and its future. The café is not restrictive in terms of menu as Ms Soniya is certain that the menu will keep expanding with various cuisines.

The owner Ms Soniya R.

She explains: “If I am serving you Chinese, you would like to have it for a day or two but not every day. A client would go to another place the third day. So having a varied menu could help us retain clients.”

The café recently introduced Pani Puri shots during International Womens’ Day. They would also be introducing Kulhad pizza for the upcoming Holi festival. Ms Soniya believes that these kinds of fusion foods could help her café grow.

Indoor seating is air-conditioned

The café currently has a range of foods such as burgers, Chinese, Indian, breakfast etc.

Chinese cuisine is most popular on the café’s menu right now.

One might wonder why the café started during these unprecedented times. Ms Soniya has a rather simple and interesting explanation for that:

“To be very honest, we have been planning for this for a very long time. However, this was the time when the rent and deposits went down. So, for me this was the right time.”

The café also assures a COVID safe experience as while the usual guidelines such as temperature checking and hand-sanitising are present, there is extra care given to the chef and other employees. Their temperature and health is checked daily as they are the ones who are going to be preparing and serving the food.

The café is open till 2am in the night

Ms Soniya is also planning for new outlets in places like N.L. Complex in Dahisar and Infiniti Mall after the COVID situation blows over. She also hopes that once Mary Immaculate- the school opposite her café- opens, there would be more students coming in.

She said: “Right now with cases going up, business has gone down as people are worried, but I hope it’ll change soon enough.

“I love eating and I love experimental food and we are going to continue experimenting as we go ahead.”

The café is open between 8am and 2am daily.

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