8 ways to beat the summer heat

summer sun

By Karthik Nair  

As Bombay struggles with a new lockdown, the heat seems to take no notice of this change. Like every year, it makes life tedious and ridiculously stinky. While work from home can be a boon to some, Mumbaikars without air-conditioners in their houses would be praying to be in the confines of their cool offices. But not to fret, this list will help you keep cool even without the mesmerising and cool draught from the AC.

  • The tact with windows
Keep your windows closed during the day

While most people in the city leave their windows open all day during the summer months, it isn’t a very good idea to do so. There is a good chance that your flat is much cooler than the outdoors, leaving your window open during the day especially in the afternoon could be counterproductive as the heat from the outside would come into your home and make it hotter. This is because heat tends to move from warmer places into cooler ones.

It would be much better to leave your windows closed during the day, especially if the window receives direct sunlight. As soon as the sun goes down, though, it is the complete opposite that needs to be done. You need to keep your windows wide open as the cool air of the night will cool your room. And if you immediately close your window during the day when the weather heats up, you would have essentially trapped the cool air inside.

How you would tackle the mosquito problem in the night with an open window is a completely different issue.

  • The thermostat for humidity

You might think that there is no way by which you can control the humidity in your room. To some extent that is true. However, one way you can reduce the humidity in your room is by not drying clothes in them. This especially stands true for bedrooms as you would want it to be cooler than your other rooms.

Dry clothes cause the room to be muggy which can make it uncomfortable especially in the night. By drying clothes outside or in the living room, it could be much easier to fall asleep.

  • Cold showers
Cold showers help you stay cool for longer

A lot of people do not like cold water touching them even in the summer. It just doesn’t have a good feel to it. However, cold showers are your biggest escape from the heat. Cold showers allow your body to release heat and cool down. Hot showers tend to do the opposite. This is again because heat moves from warmer to cooler. Hence, with cold showers you tend to lose body heat.

With this tactic, your body will be kept cool much after your concert under the shower.

  • Increase the heat in your food
A bit of green chillies would do the trick

You might think it is stupid to eat spicy during the hotter months. But, think about it, there is a reason chillies grow in hot countries. Spicing up your food a bit can actually make your body cooler. This is because spicy food allows your body to lose heat through panting, sweating and tearing.

While one should be careful to not end up in the loo for too long, spicy food can help release that pesky heat from your body.

  • Decrease the cold in your food

Again, this might sound strange. But, things like ice-creams and soft drinks might give short relief, but in the long run they increase your body temperature. While the body can lose some heat to the cold foods, the amount of calories in the food actually increases your temperature after a bit as your digestive tract generates more heat to digest them.

Instead warm drinks like lukewarm water or lemon juice could help dissipate body heat.

  • Eat lots of hydrating fruits
Fruits help in keeping your body hydrated

Eating fruits like berries, watermelons, papaya, bananas etc. can help cool your body. This is mainly because these fruits contain high water content which hydrates the body. Certain fruits like ripe mangoes if eaten excessively can increase body heat. However, for most fruits it is not only hydrating but also healthy in other ways.

  • Be bright as the sun

While there is some poetic licence taken in the subhead, wearing bright coloured clothes can help keep your body cool. This is because bright colours reflect heat and as opposed to dark colours which absorb heat.

  • Drinking lots of water

While there is some debate as to whether warm or cold water are good for you, it is safe to say that room temperature water is essential to beat the summer heat. There is really no escape from drinking water even if you are a water hater. Whatever is the matter, the answer is water. The statement isn’t far from true unless your problem is water poisoning.

While there is no foolproof way of tackling the summer heat, these are just some ways to help you on your way without increasing your electricity bill. Try them out and comment below if they helped.

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